Irrigation Systems

An irrigation system ensures the proper moisture level is maintained on your property.

An irrigation system (sprinkler system) is a system by which water is automatically delivered to plant life and / or sod as specific times and days each week to ensure the proper moisture level is maintained. Todays systems can be operated in multiple ways:

  • From a clock installed either inside or outside the property that is set by entering data at the “clock”.
  • Via Wi-Fi connection where the property owner can set the system via an App via a smart phone.
  • Using Rain Gauges attached either via wire or wireless to the “clock”. If a rain gauge is used, then the clock communicates with the rain gauge to determine if adequate rain has been received since the last watering and if it has, then the system will not run. If there hasn’t been enough rain in the time period, then the system will run as set.

Advantages to an irrigation system:

  • Convenience and consistency – no more dragging the sprinkler around the yard and no more forgetting to turn the water off after the time has elapsed.
  • Lower Water bills – the system can be set to allow the sod to receive adequate but not excessive water during each cycle. No more forgetting to turn the water off and having it run down the road.
  • Each head is set to maximize the water to the plants or sod and minimal water wasted.
  • Specialized head are used for special circumstances:
    • Rotator head used for watering larger spaces
    • Spray head used for watering plants or smaller spaces
    • Drip irrigation can be installed specifically on plants or trees

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